Frequently asked questions - (Last update: 31-10-2018)


On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions by participants, visitors and photographers.

  • Can we arrive earlier than 15h:00pm on the stake-out on Friday?

  • No; you have to wait outside the gate on the parking of the domain if you arrive earlier. Stake-out will be open from 15h:00pm on Friday and not sooner!

  • Can we reserve space on the stake-out for friends or other mushers who arrive later?

  • No this is not possible due to stake-out limitation and the large number of teams.
    Pampa Crew members will assign a stake out zone to you upon arrival. This is non-negotiable.
    Make sure that you arrive together on the stake-out. So wait outside the gate at the parking lot for friends if you want to be together on the stake-out as there is no space to wait inside when you enter the stake-out site.

  • Can we have our own barbecue or camp fire on the stake-out?

  • No; Open fires (BBQ, camp fires...) are strictly forbidden as per fire fighter orders and will result in immediate disqualification.
    You will be asked to leave immediately.

  • On which bank account can we pay the race and training camp fee?

  • You can find all payment information on the following page: Payment information

  • Will the start list be published on the website?

  • NO; There will not be a online entrants list due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation rules.

  • Is there a cart inspection before the race?

  • Yes; you have to go to the pre-race inspection and approval of quads, carts, scooters and bikes etc.

  • Can we change Category? (for the race)

  • Yes; A team can change Category until 7 days before start of the race.
    A Team can change Category after this time only in agreement with the Pampa Race Vet. if a dog or dogs are ill.

  • Will the starting fee be refunded if I cancel my registration?

  • No; The starting fee will not be refunded.

  • Do we get a discount if we start in 2 or more Categories?

  • No; For each category you have to pay the race fee and sent in 2 or more registrations.

  • Do we get a discount if we start with more then 2 family members?

  • No; You have to pay the full race fee for each family member who is entering the race.

  • At what time does the training camp start?

  • On saturday morning when the trail is build-up and open (after the GO! from the trailteam inspection!) >The gate will be openen for Free training.
    Last training Saturday => make sure to be back @ the stakeout before sunset 17h ! Due to the Wolf presence in the area.
    Start Last training on Sunday 12h!

  • Can we bring our own dog with us when we visit the race?

  • Yes; But we kindly ask you NOT to bring your dog with you.
    There are a lot of dogteams going to the start from the stake-out and back from the finish to the stake-out areas.
    You have to stay on a save distance from these dogteams for the safety of our participants & dogs as for the safety of your own dog also.
    You also can not enter or be in the starting zone with you own dog to see the teams starting.
    So it is better not to bring your dog with you. We thank you for your understanding!

  • Can we take pictures during the event?

  • Yes; You can freely take pictures as a visitor on the stake-out and in the startzone but you cannot go on the trail to take pictures.
    If you are a profesional/hobby photographer please read the press info page for more information and how-to.

  • Is it possible to sleep/stay on the Pampa as a visitor with a camper or caravan?

  • No; Space on the stake-out is limited and is all taken by the participants and the organization.

  • Where do I have to register myself as a profesional/hobby photographer?

  • You will find all information on the press info page.

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us through the Contact page.

The Pampa Crew