General Information - (last update: 13-6-2017)


Summer and holiday time is coming.

This page will later display all relevant information for participants to one or both of our 2017 events.

Pampa Training camp: November 10 - 12th 2017 (mushers welcome as of Friday November 10th @ 17h00)
The 12th edition of the International Pampa Sleddog Race: December 2 - 3th 2017 (mushers welcome as of Friday December 1st @ 17h00)

Sign Up for the Pampa 2017 Traning Camp will be online from October 10th 2017 - 24:00PM (Up to 100 teams).

Meanwhile, consult our news and facebook pages regularly for updates about our two 2017 events and follow how they take shape.

The Pampa crew wishes you a wonderful holiday season!