General Information - (last update: 13-6-2018)


Summer and holiday time is coming.

This page will later display all relevant information for participants to one or both of our 2018 events.

Pampa Training camp: November 10 - 11th 2018 (mushers welcome as of Friday November 9th @ 17h00)

The 13th edition of the International Pampa Sleddog Race: December 8 - 9th 2018 (mushers welcome as of Friday December 7th @ 17h00)
Note: This date has not yet been confirmed by the army. Alternative date will be December 1st - 2th 2018.

Sign Up for the Pampa 2018 Traning Camp will be online from October 10th 2018 - 24:00PM (Up to 100 teams).

Meanwhile, consult our news and facebook pages regularly for updates about our 2018 events and follow how they take shape.

The Pampa crew wishes you a wonderful holiday season!