Rules - (Last update: 25-06-2022 by Bert Kelchtermans)


Race Rules: The WSA Dryland Race Rules apply.
These rules do apply this season in Belgium! Check them out here below..

Race: Please find below some very important rules.

  • The rig in 4-Dog classes may either have three (3) or four (4) wheels. A 4-wheeled rig shall be used in DR6 and DR8 classes.
  • A dog cannot be used twice on the same day. It can run in one category for one musher only.
  • Open teams need to travel with a passenger or use a quad.
  • Any complaint must be made official as per WSA race rules in order to be valid.
  • The trails are clearly marked. It is the musher's responsibility to follow the correct trail.
  • Any team must be handled the second day by the musher who raced the first day.
  • If a class has less then 3 entrants this class will be combined with a other class as with the decision of the Race Director
  • WSA Dryland Race Rules EN Vers.22.1 -- review the most recent WSA race regulations.
  • WSA/IFSS Anti-dopingrules -- review the WAS/IFSS anti dopingrules.

General and training rules: during all Pampa events.

    Training during the Pampa Race event
  • Free training is allowed during the race event, but only with a valid starting BIB and after approval on a case by case basis by the Race Director.
    First start of free training 30 minutes after last race departure.

  • Training
  • When you are on the trail you have to follow the instructions from the Pampa Trail team at all times

  • You have to follow the instructions from the Pampa crew which is competent/authorized at all times during all events.
  • It is forbidden to carry out commercial activities on the stake out. Only commercial activities are allowed after agreement by the organization and only in the event area near the tent.
  • In case of disagreement/discord the Pampa Committee which is in charge of the events will take a decision. This decision is final and binding.

Veterinary info: mandatory during all Pampa events.

  • Please read the vaccination rules under the 'Veterinary info' tab which are mandatory during all Pampa events.
  • Please note that "titer" or "titering," as submitting a blood sample to determine whether the dog has enough antibodies to ensure immunity against a particular disease is NOT accepted/allowed.
  • During ALL Pampa events (Race & TC) your dogs vaccinations will be checked!

Stake-out Rules: the following stake-out rules are applicable throughout the Pampa events.

  • Pampa Crew members will assign a stake out zone to you upon arrival. This is non-negotiable as space is limited and certainly during the race event.
  • You have to follow the Pampa stake-out crew instructions at all times during both events.
  • We are hosts on this magnificent site. Therefore, make sure to treat it with respect. Pick up all your waste before you leave and CLOSE ALL HOLES!
  • Open fires (bbq, camp fires, ...) are strictly forbidden as per fire fighter orders and will result in immediate disqualification. You will be asked to leave immediately.
  • No parking on the concrete road to the facility! The road should always be kept free.
  • Use your ATV only with your dogs in front. You are not allowed to drive with your ATV/4x4 car on the Pampa site! Breaking these rules wil result in immediate disqualification. You will be asked to leave immediately! Please avoid excess noise and damage to the terrain.

By signing up for the event, you agree with all rules and regulations that apply.

If you have any more questions consult our FAQ pages and please feel free to contact us through the Contact page.


The Pampa Crew