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Our trail system is probably one of the best you can find in the European off-snow circuit. On active military terrain of 2186 hectares, we are able to set up multiple trails without any compromise. No short turns. No houses or public roads. No little nasty poles to dive away for. A clear overview of what lies ahead. A mix of sandy ground and forest roads. Not one inch of asfalt ... Sounds great, doesn't it?

The "Pampa Range", as the military site is usually called, has a long tradition as a firing range for fighter jets. Entering some parts of the range is strictly forbidden, due to debris and possibly unexploded (practice) munition lying about. Since it is not open to the public, nature has been able to stay unchanged during the last decades.

So, what can we offer you? Check out our four Sprint and five Tour trails below!

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The 4 Sprint trails:
5,2km for scooter, DR2, pulka - Follow the Pink arrows (Trailmarker 2) -
and take the Pink shortcut
7,3km for DR4 - Follow the Yellow arrows (Trailmarker 4) -
and take the Yellow and Blue shortcut
8,8km for DR6 - Follow the Blue arrows - and take the Blue shortcut (Trailmarker 6)
11,9km for DR8 and UL - Follow Red arrows (Trailmarker 8 and UL) and trail.

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The 5 Tour Trails:
Everyone follows the same sprinttrail in the beginning.
For the 17km follow the light blue route,
for the 19km follow the Green route,
for the 20km follow the Yellow route,
for the 22km take the Red route,
for the 24km take the Purple route.
for those who do not follow the 17km route;
use the loop for a extra 2,4,6 kilometers
which you can decide on the fly:-)

  1. There are trailposts (TP) on the intersections of the different classes. Here's your BIB number checked to make sure you follow the correct trail.
  2. The Tour Class is not a race class, there will be no ranking or timing. There will be no difference between purebreds & open teams.
  3. There is a small checkpoint (CP) on the Tour trail just before the 17km intersection.
  4. During the Training Camp we will provide the sprint trails and all the Tour trails.
  5. Also only during the Training Camp we will create a extra short trail of 3 km. This by to link the Yellow shortcut and Pink shortcut together.
  6. NOTE!: When you are on the trail have to follow the instructions from the Trail Team at all time during the Pampa events.
  7. Trails can be adapted by the Trail Team in accordance with terrain conditions & meteo. If so this will be explained during the Mushermeeting.

Download GPS (gpx)/Google Earth files (kml):
(GPS files of the other tour trails will follow later.)

GPS Pampa Tour trail 24 Km.gpx
Google Earth Pampa Tour trail 24 Km.kml

The trail is marked with

- SQUARE RED MARKERS (Turn markers)

The markers are placed about 20 meters ahead of the point in question at the same side of the trail as to which the teams shall turn.
Markers applicable for a certain class or certain classes only, are marked with the class(es)' identification by white letters in the centre of the marker.

- SQUARE BLUE MARKERS (Straight on or correct trail).

Blue markers are used to indicate the correct trail after a crossing or turn. The sign is placed about 20 meters ahead of the intersection.
Blue markers are placed on the right side of the trail.
To confirm correct trail blue markers will be placed each 1000 meters after the last marker if needed.
Beyond turns, which apply only to a certain class, or certain classes.
Such blue markers will have the same class identification as the red turn marker.


Yellow markers may be placed on either side of the trail. Yellow markers indicate portions of the trail, where slow, cautious passage is recommended, e.g. deep water, really sharp turns, icy spots, road crossings.
Yellow markers are placed about 20 meters ahead of the caution area.

Further more...
A marker is placed at the start of the "Finish chute" showing the distance to finish line, e.g. 800 m.
At the start area there will be a sign with all classes and distances which apply to the event.

  • Note: Night training

Markers will have reflection tape on it for evening training.
The Blue markers have white reflection on it, the Red markers have red reflection and the Yellow markers have also yellow reflection on it.

Please check the rules and regulations for night training that apply!

Trail description

The first part, which is common for all trails, starts with a fast curvy part in the "Western Woods". Don't be afraid, the trail is more than wide enough at any time, in fact, we were able to drive three quads side by side while discovering it. The C trails splits to the left along the "lake" and joins up about 1km later again. After about 3,5 km, we leave the woods and continue on a pretty firm stretch along a tree line. After approximately 6 km, we break of from the common trail and set sail to the finish via sandy roads.

The bigger sprint & tour trails continue on the "Southern Stretch" however, and only 2 km further it's time to leave the touring guys alone and this trail as well, chooses wide loose sandstrips to finally join the "little trails" again for the final sprint home.

For the Tour Teams, it's home alone after that. Going steady for a couple of km, you can decide to take the 6,5 km loop or half of it in the old castle domain, were currently you can see some trees that are unique in the region. In the east-south-east part of the trail, we play a bit in this fantastic web of roads and we continue along some old mine terrils to the furthest point, east-north-east of the range. Both the teams who take the (half) loop and those who don't, join up full east. After that, we turn west again, but from 2014 we will follow a new trail and not the though sand-covered tracks but a beautifull track parallel to the previous trail but with a great view on the Pampa range. Just before the secondary shooting tower we return (from 2017) to the old gravel road, passing the model fighter landing strip and finally we arrive at the finish area.
Don't be fooled, the "Tour Trail" is not for "sunday mushers".
It is an extremely beautiful, but though trail, for which you'd be better well prepared...

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact the Trail Boss Bert Kelchtermans

Check out some very nice trail pictures here!
10th Edition trail pictures

Discover the Pampa Range yourself!

Pampa Range

Go and check 51° 2'50.16"N, 5°27'26.87"E (copy&paste in search bar) for detailed map, or
Open Pampa file for Google Earth straight away (if you already installed Google Earth)

Don't forget the Pampa is also a natural reserve!

If you have any more questions consult our FAQ pages and please feel free to contact us through the Contact page.

The Pampa Crew