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Veterinary information

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Vaccination rules

Please find below the rules for vaccination during the Pampa events!

More information about valid vaccines you can find on the following pages. (NL/FR)

WSAVA guidelines for the vaccination of dogs.
Bordetella & Para-influenza.
Vaccines against rabies.

Vaccines against distemper, parvo and hepatitis are commonly labelled DHP, DHPPi or SHP / SHPPi (Distemper or Staupe, Hepatitis, Parvo and Para-influenza).
Dogs vaccinated after the age of 1 year have a valid immunity against Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvo (DHP) and Rabies (example: Nobivac or Rabisin) for 3 years.
Bordetella & Para-influenza and Leptospirosis vaccines have a valid immunity for 1 year.

Please check with your veterinarian.

Note1: For dogs from Belgium vaccination against Rabies is obligatory for all dogs South of the Samber and Maas. But we do recommend that all dogs older than 3 months have a valid vaccination against Rabies.

Note 2: Puppies younger than 3 months do not need a Rabies vaccination if they come from a Rabies free EU country as Germany, France, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and dogs from the Flemish region.

All dogs participating in the race or training camp shall be vaccinated. Mandatory vaccinations shall be: Rabies virus, canine Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough Complex (Bordetella & para-influlenza). All dogs should be vaccinated within 12 months for Kennel Cough and more than 21 days before the race or training camp in the case of prime vaccination. Vaccinations need to be done in accordance with regulations of the host country in which the race is taking place.

No dog or equipment shall be brought from a kennel where Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Kennel Cough or any other contagious disease exists. If the Race Veterinarian or the Race marshal diagnoses any dog present in the race area to have a contagious disease, that team shall be disqualified and shall immediately leave the race area.

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