General Information - (last update: 13-11-2023 - by Bert Kelchtermans)


This year, we schedule two events again: Pampa TC and pampa Race

Pampa Training Camp is already in the past, we've had the pleasure of enjoying beautiful pictures on Facebook.
Many delighted mushers shared their joy while exploring the scenic trails of Pampa.

Up next is Pampa Race!

The 16th edition of the International Pampa Sleddog Race & WSA World Trophy is on December 01, (01/12/2023 - 03/12/2023)
(mushers welcome as of Friday afternoon) The stake-out for the Race will be opened as of Friday 14h00.
Do not arrive too early: the site will be inaccessible beforehand. Please respect these timings for our crew to set things up and for our credibility versus our hosts.

Trailtrail distances up to 21,5km


SPRINT: Canicross & Pulka (DS) – Scooter1dog (DS1) – Scooter2dogs (DS2) - Bikejöring 1 dog (DB)– 4 dog class (DR4) – 6 dog class (DR6) – 8 dog class (DR8)- unlimited (UL)

MIDDISTANCE: Canicross & Pulka (DS) - MD 3-6 dogs – MD 7-8+ dogs

TOUR: No Time Registration

Online Registration for Pampa Race 2023 is open ! >>Pampa Race Registration 2023

Schedule Pampasledograce 01/12/2023 - 03/12/2023

  • Fee: First registration 55 euro. (1 foodtruck voucher is included.) – Second registration same musher 25 euro (no foodtruck voucher included)
  • Stake Out opens Friday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
  • Administration -BIB numbers & Vaccination check Friday from 18h00 to 21h00 & Saturday from 08h00 to 09h00 @ Secretariat.
  • Starting BIB is mandatory !!! and you must wear it visible when you are on the trail!
  • Trails can be adapted by the Trail Team in accordance with terrain conditions & meteo. If so, this will be explained during the Mushermeeting.
  • Mushermeeting: Saturday @ 09h00
  • First start Saturday & Sunday 10h00
  • By signing up for the event, you agree with all rules and regulations that apply.
  • Closingdate for registration: 29 november 2023.     Limited to 120 Teams.
  • WSA World Trophy: WDL number obligated
  • WSA rules
  • Racemarchal: Rudiger De Pauw
  • Dogs in the boxes from 23h00 to 07h00
  • The entrance gate (stake-out) will close at 23h00 in the evening and opens up again in the morning at 08h00 (Park your car outside @ the parking lot if you plan to leave or come back after 23h00.
  • Remember to return your BIB numbers!

  • Payment via our bank on Pampa vzw

IBAN: BE30 0018 5025 6711 BIC: GEBABEBB

For more Information: De Pauw Rudiger, Bloemenveld 50, B- 1930 Zaventem,

                       Tel: 02-725 22 98 , GSM: 0476204599

                        E-Mail: [email protected]


Registration by E-Mail: De Pauw Rudiger |   E-mail: [email protected] 


  • IMPORTANT: Entering the military exercise field before the start of the Race is forbidden!
  • The trails are on the active military exercise field, entering of the "Pampa range" is strictly forbidden, The "Pampa Range" (as the military site is usually called) is not open to the public, this is an active shooting range for fighter jets.

The whole Pampa crew is very much looking forward to Pamp Race and we hope you do too!

Continue to read below for all related information. If you have any questions please first consult our FAQ page.


Stakeout location:
Recreatiepark De Plas - Domein Kelchterhoef
Binnenvaartstraat z/n - 3530 houthalen-helchteren

link google maps

If you have any more questions consult our FAQ page and please feel free to contact us through the Contact page or fb messenger.

The Pampa crew