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Pampa 2022

This year, we schedule two events again:

WSA Dryland Championship 2022 – Pampa, Belgium - November 11th – 13th, 2022

During two days, November 12-13th, the world's best sprint mushers and their dogs (more than 750) will come to Belgium to compete for the world championship dryland titles.
This is a competion only for purebred sled dogs  ( Registered Nordic Breeds) recognised by the FCI
So only the following six breeds will be represented at the startingline:

  • Siberian Husky
  • Samoyed
  • Alskan Malamute
  • Greenland dog
  • Cananian Eskimo dog
  • Yakutian Laikas
  • These"polar dogs" will offer you an unforgettable atmosphere and a wonderful memory for life.

    preliminary Schedule WSA Dryland Championship 2022:

    • Stake Out opens Thursday November 10th at 15.00h in the afternoon.
    • There are two stake-outs: one for bigger teams and one for smaller teams.
    • If you compete in two classes your parking is for the bigger team.
    • Each parking is marked.
    • Container for garbage is present on-site.
    • Water for your dogs @ stake-out 1 is available just outside the small service building.
    • Water for your dogs @ stake-out 2 is available at the building named BENNEWED.
    • Toilets, M/F are available
    • showers available @ Bennewed

    Trail info:

    • The trails are on the active military exercise field, entering of the "Pampa range" is strictly forbidden, The "Pampa Range" (as the military site is usually called) is not open to the public exept during the race. This is an active shooting range for fighter jets.
    • IMPORTANT: Entering the military exercise field before the start of the competition wil result in immediate disqualification & NO START in WC 2022, You will be asked to leave the race immediately!

    More detailed information about the WC on the WSA Dryland WC Belgium website and WSA Dryland Championchip 2022 Belgium Facebook page.



    - Pampa Training camp: December 2nd – 4th, 2022

    The whole Pampa crew is very much looking forward to both happenings, and we hope you do too!

    Registration for the Training Camp opens after the championship. follow our pampa fb page for more info.

    (Please Note that there will not be a online entrants list due to the EU General Data Protection Regulation)

    Continue to read below for all related information. If you have any questions please first consult our FAQ page.


    Stakeout location:
    Recreatiepark De Plas - Domein Kelchterhoef
    Binnenvaartstraat z/n - 3530 houthalen-helchteren

    link google maps


    The 15th edition of the International Pampa Sleddog Training Camp: December 3-4 (mushers welcome as of Friday December 2nd)
    The stake out for the Training Camp will be opened at December 2nd as of 15h00.

    Do not arrive too early: the site will be inaccessible beforehand.
    Please respect these timings for our crew to set tings up and for our credibility versus our hosts...

    Trail info

    Training Camp: trail distances up to 21,5km + extra loops possible!

  • By signing up for the event, you agree with all rules and regulations that apply.
  • Schedule Pampa Training Camp, December 2nd until December 4th

    • Training camp fee is 45 euro. (1 foodtruck voucher is included.)
    • Stake Out opens Friday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
    • Administration & Vaccination check Friday from 19h00 to 21h00 & Saturday from 08h00 to 10h00 @ Secretariat.
    • Starting BIB is mandatory and you must wear it visible when you are on the trail.
    • If the trail is build-up and open (after the GO! from the trailteam!) The gate will be openend for Free training.
      First training Saturday +/- 08h00. Last training back at the stakeout before sunset 17h00 due to the Wolf presence in the area. Last training 12h00 on Sunday.
    • Trails can be adapted by the Trail Team in accordance with terrain conditions & meteo. If so this will be explained during the Mushermeeting.
    • Dogs in the boxes from 23h00 to 07h00
    • The entrance gate (stake-out) will close at 23h00 in the evening and opens up again in the morning at 08h00 (Park your car outside @ the parking lot if you plan to leave or come back after 23h00 .
    • Remember to return your BIB numbers on Sunday @ Secretariat!


    If you have any more questions consult our FAQ page and please feel free to contact us through the Contact page or fb messenger.

    The Pampa crew